Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Farm of the Child: Matching Volunteers' Gifts with Community Needs

By Linda Thompson, Catholic Volunteer Network Intern

In the beautiful terrain of Honduras, orphaned children have a nurturing place to call home at Farm of the Child, a Catholic non-profit organization and Catholic Volunteer Network member program, located in Trujillo and La Ceiba.

At Farm of the Child, the children’s spiritual, educational, social, and medical needs are met, and the goal is to help them become independent, productive, and responsible Christian adults.  As one former missionary, Alisha Wilkinson (2009-2011), said, “Our lives at the Farm are not glamorous, and the changes may not be big.  It is in the small, steady motions of everyday life that change takes place.  Within this rhythm, our kids blossom and find the steady foothold that they need to take root and grow.”

Discerning the journey of missionary life at the Farm is essential before applying.  An interested applicant is provided a Discernment Guide to read and reflect upon prior to the interview process.  The Guide provides valuable information and insight about the four pillars, which are vitally important to missionary life at the Farm: service, community, spirituality, and simple living.