Find a Volunteer Program!

Looking for a volunteer program? We are here to help!

Catholic Volunteer Network has a membership of 200 volunteer programs, placing volunteers all across the United States and in over 100 countries abroad. Placements vary from one week to three years, and there are opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. We offer many resources to help you find the right program including:

RESPONSE, our annual directory of volunteer opportunities. This is the best way to learn about all the volunteer opportunities available in our network. You can sort program by location, type of work, length of time, and more!

Set up a volunteer profile! This lets our programs know that you are interested in becoming a volunteer. In the profile form, you can list your interests and experiences so that programs can follow up with you directly if you are a good match. 

Check out our Urgent Opportunities! Want to serve wherever you are most needed? Our Urgent Opportunities list is where you can view specific positions that are most in need of volunteers. Browse through the list and follow up with the ones that speak to you. 

Visit our website, for even more helpful resources!