Volunteer Story Contest


Each year CVN volunteers submit their reflection stories and we showcase a few of them throughout the year.

2016 story winner

By Teresa Villaruz
Former Maryknoll Lay Missioner

"This is what mission is all about. It’s about serving others and wrestling with the questions surfacing that you didn’t even know were inside you."

2015 story winners

A Year of Miracles in Detroit

By Rich Samartino
Former Mercy Volunteer

"I tell people all the time that miracles happen."

Just Listen

By Meghan Krueger
Former Bon Secours Volunteer

"My task-oriented-self wanted something tangible, something noteworthy, to work toward; but it is by grace that I have been able to reach an acceptance and appreciation of the fact that my role this year is not so much to do, as it is to be."

2014 story winner 

Living Simply So Others Can Simply Live

By Olivia Elswick
Former Salesian Lay Missioner

"These children are the most devout, joyous, and caring people I’ve ever been blessed to spend time with though in their short 7-13 years of life they’ve gone through more turmoil than most have in a lifetime."